Nova Maldives introduces new sustainable activities for couples

Love and Do Good

The bright new star Nova Maldives resort, is established around sustainability. The soulful island demonstrates its strong commitment to responsible travel, protection of the environment, and a sustainable future through carefully crafted Love and Do Good activities for couples.

Couples will be immersed in an unforgettable journey through unique experiences, with curated activities to promote the preservation of the local environment, from empowering the local community to conserving the ecosystem, while enjoying Nova’s breathtaking natural beauty.

Nova, located in the heart of South Ari Atoll, is home to an incredible variety of underwater life and is one of the top locations to dive and snorkel with whale sharks and manta rays all year. Couples can learn more about the underwater world by attending flora and fauna workshops and Q&A sessions with the island’s resident marine biologist. As a responsible Manta excursion operator and partner with the Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme, guests at Nova can learn more about the conservation efforts to preserve these gentle giants, the threats they face, and the best practices when encountering them.

Couples can also embark on an environmental journey by participating in Flora & Fauna workshops, where they will learn more about the terrestrial splendors and lush greenery that surround the natural island. In addition, guests will be invited to participate in the conservation of marine wonderland through Nova’s Coral Frame Programme. Couples will be able to commemorate their love by planting and adopting their own coral, as well as track its progress in real time via monthly online updates.

Guests will be immersed in Maldivian culture and heritage through the weekly event “Holhuashi,” where they will discover authentic local flavored cuisine, the magical rhythms of Maldivian music, and learn about traditional lifestyle. They will also have the opportunity to visit a nearby island to meet and interact with locals and experience the cultural connection.

Art lovers will appreciate the art classes taught by Maldivian artists, where couples can express their creativity and listen to artist talks while learning more about traditional art crafts. Couples will be able to purchase art pieces and bring a piece of Maldivian culture home through the artworks.

The island’s postcard-worthy beauty is dedicated to ensuring that all couples have an unforgettable getaway. With nature-friendly initiatives and eco-conscious thinking, future generations will be able to enjoy the Maldives for many years to come.

Take part in Nova’s sustainable initiatives by booking your good soul days.
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