Villa Resorts: Luxury Vacation Brand of the Year 2023

Villa Resorts has been named the ‘Luxury Vacation Brand of the Year’ by Luxuri Awards 2023, presented by Luxuri Magazine. This award recognizes Villa Resorts for its excellence in the luxury travel sector and its integration of sustainable practices.

At the core of Villa Resorts’ philosophy is the commitment to providing guests with an exceptional experience, seamlessly blending the allure of the Maldives with attentive service. Each of their unique resorts in the Maldives offers a distinctively luxurious experience, set against the backdrop of stunning landscapes.

Villa Resorts named the ‘Luxury Vacation Brand of the Year’

Villa Nautica in the North Malé Atoll offers guests a yacht-life glamour, while Villa Park in South Ari Atoll provides a serene escape and Royal Island in Baa Atoll offers all-inclusive beachfront luxury. In addition to providing premium experiences, Villa Resorts incorporates practices that respect and preserve the natural environment, ensuring a sustainable approach to luxury hospitality and a memorable stay for its guests.

The Luxuri Awards, facilitated by Luxuri Magazine, signify excellence in the luxury sector. The magazine, which is a leader in showcasing the best in luxury living, emphasizes quality and innovation in its features. Receiving this award highlights Villa Resorts’ dedication to both offering premium experiences and doing so with an environmentally conscious mindset.

With this recognition, Villa Resorts continues to solidify its reputation as a top-tier luxury vacation brand in the Maldives, championing unparalleled hospitality and environmental consideration. For more information about Villa Resorts, please visit

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