Local Artists Rejoice: Oaga Art Resort Now Open for Creative Retreats

Oaga Art Resort, a local brand in the Maldives, is offering a unique opportunity for local artists and creatives to showcase their artwork in their Veyoge Gallery Villas. The resort has integrated art within their luxurious space, featuring artwork by nearly 40 local artists and 160 pieces adorning the walls during the past year. The resort is now inviting fresh talent to curate a new collection for the year 2024.

Veyoge Gallery

The application process has been streamlined, allowing interested creatives to submit their work online from anywhere in the world. The open call provides clear guidelines on recommended dimensions and pricing strategies, ensuring artists get the best possible support for their submissions.

Staying in a Veyoge Gallery Villa is an immersive art experience for guests, who have the privilege of living amongst stunning local artwork. The resort contributes $1 for each artwork displayed, for each night a guest stays in the Veyoge Gallery Villas, as a way of showing appreciation for the incredible talent in the Maldives.

The meticulous curation of art is entrusted to Suvāsthi Gallery, spearheaded by the talented team of in-house creatives. Drawing on experience from the past year, their in-house curator, Nadee highlights the challenges of pricing and sizing artwork for optimal appeal to guests.

Suvāsthi Gallery regularly hosts Caravan exhibitions within the resort, allowing all guests within the island to appreciate the diverse collection. Additionally, local artists are regularly invited to stay on the island, fostering deeper connections and enriching the guest experience.

Oaga Art Resort

Oaga Art Resort is a small island with 60 villas with beach and over water options, 5 dining venues, and a spa inspired by Maldivian traditional healing practices. Situated in North Malé Atoll, it is 45 minutes by speedboat from Malé International Airport.

The open call is an invitation for established and aspiring Maldivian artists eager to share their vision and contribute to this unique concept. Applications are open until 31 January 2024.

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