Villa Haven Resort: Insights

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Set in the heart of South Ari Atoll’s paradisiacal scenery, Villa Haven stands as a testament to the fusion of indigenous artisanship and sustainable practices. This sanctuary is poised to redefine the Maldivian luxury after its official opening later this year (2024).


Experiencing Villa Haven translates to encountering the zenith of luxury, with its 73 oceanfront abodes — each is a personal retreat complete with private pools. The brilliance of traditional Maldivian artistry and sustainably-sourced materials skillfully interlaces with modern amenities, preserving the raw allure of the island’s scenery.

Haven Reserve, the jewel in the crown, sprawls over a substantial 2,500 square meters and features three lavish bedrooms, alongside three pools. Its centerpiece is the 40-meter-long pool, acclaimed as one of the Maldives’ most substantial. This space is a celebration of somber grandeur and peaceful liveliness, crafted for treasured gatherings with family and friends.

You’ll find this to be a place where the grandeur is real yet subtle, striking that perfect chord between indulgence and the calming spirit of the Maldives.

Wine and Dive

When it comes to dining, Villa Haven leaves no gourmet stone unturned. Husk, the flagship dining venue, treats you to culinary marvels perfected on the flames of coconut husks, a tribute to time-honored cooking techniques. It’s an invitation to indulge in tastes as authentic as the landscape.

For a dash of casual elegance, the Olive boasts a vibrant, market-style atmosphere serving international cuisine throughout the day, while Yuzu awaits with its Japanese delights and an exquisite ocean tableau from its elevated position.


Your adventure further intensifies with beach pools, submerged in the promise of leisure, and exhilarating activities such as diving into the rich marine environment where manta rays glide along the vibrant house reef.


At Villa Haven, every aspect of your stay echoes sustainability, infusing touches like repurposed materials into the heart of lavish tranquility. This aligns seamlessly with modern luxury seekers who cherish privacy, favor harmony with nature, and embrace a lifestyle marked by sufficiency over excess.

For more detailed information or to enquire about reservations, connect with Villa Resorts.

This awaiting beach resort isn’t merely an addition to Maldivian luxury locales – it is a revelation of tasteful simplicity, symbolizing an immersive leap into a more rejuvenating, sophisticated, and holistic island luxury.

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